About Us

We are your partners in saving lives

We are a team of qualified emergency physicians based at Hyderabad. We have trained hundreds of medical students as part of our residency programs at our work place. We took part in numerous community training programs to educate (non-medical) civilians on how to save a life during an emergency.

Dr Nickhil Vangapally

MBBS, MEM, MRCEM(UK) | Head of Emergency Medicine at Citizens Hospital, Nallagandla, Hyderabad.

Dr Naveen R. Nimmala

MBBS, DEM(UK), MEM, MERCE(UK) | Consultant in the Department of Emergency medicine at Maxcure hospital, Hyderabad.

You’ll get trained on…

Hands-on CPR

During a cardiac arrest, compressing the chest in the right manner keeps the blood flowing to vital organs.


Victims of burns need first-aid to prevent further dehydration of body. You can help prevent further injury.


A small training session helps you identify a stroke on time, so that you can transfer the victim to the nearest hospital soon.

Heart attack

A clot in heart blood vessels will compromise the functioning of your heart. Recognize early to avoid permanent/ fatal damage.


First hour after a major trauma is called a “Golden hour”. They must receive help ASAP. Do your part, get trained today.


Drowning victims suffer from compromised oxygen levels in their lungs / blood. Learn how to resuscitate them.

Seizures / Fits

You cannot stop the episode (No, those metal objects / shoes etc can’t stop them), but you can prevent injuries.

Heat illness

It ranges from simple dehydration to COMA. Know when to get medical help.

How We Work

Team work

For every sessions, we visit the training location as a team with manikins (mannequins) and a few trainers based on the number of trainees.


We collaborate with corporates / MNCs for periodic training at their work place so that every employee can be trained without causing too much of disturbance to your work flow.


Hands on CPR training gives you the confidence to act when needed. Watching videos can’t just cut it, you need practice. By the end of the session, we’ll make sure to make you feel like you’ve invested your time and money on something worthy enough.

Motivated enough to get trained?